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OATH, Inc’s. 1st Annual Denim and Diamonds Gala

My wife Misty and I and fellow Mason Construction family members, Robert and Christine Voan, had an amazing night at The Oaks at Oaks Plantation in Rosharon, TX. celebrating some of our nation’s heroes this past Friday night at OATH, Inc’s. 1st Annual Denim and Diamonds Gala. OATH founder, Gary Bartels, his wife Regina, and the entire OATH, Inc. team went all out to celebrate our veterans and help raise awareness for the challenges they may face, and how OATH, Inc. and its supporters are committed to making a difference in their lives by reconnecting them to the outdoors with fellow veterans to help the healing process.

Mason Construction was honored to be one of the event’s primary sponsors as well as the sponsor for the guest speaker, Michael Schlitz, a retired Army Ranger who travels the country supporting his military brothers and sisters through various speaking events on behalf of the Gary Sinese Foundation. It was a real treat to have Michael and his counterpart, Amber, sit at our table and enjoy the evening’s events. His interactive speech was engaging and humbling, and Gary’s personal testimony written from the perspective of his old self talking to the man he has become today made you appreciate the journey our veterans go through and the things we as civilians can rarely understand, but also left us with a profound understanding of who the man leading OATH, Inc. is and why he has dedicated his life to serving others. Needless to say, Kleenex tissues need to be part of the centerpiece decorations next year….

Thanks to all who came out and supported this event. There were over 500 in attendance, delicious BBQ, some tremendous auction items up for grabs, and amazing fellowship had by all.

We’re already looking forward to 2023 and hope to see you all there!

If you are a veteran, or if you are interested in finding a way to support our heroes, I urge you to check Gary and his team out.

Gary, thank you again for being such an outstanding leader and advocate for these heroes and for letting Mason Construction be a part of OATH’s growth from day one until today. May God continue to shine His light on you and this mission. God bless, and keep up the great work, brother!

- Le Short

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