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Mark Hudnall Celebrates 30 Years!

When we think about Mark Hudnall, who celebrates his 30th anniversary with Mason Construction on July 29th, words like Surveyor, Craftsman, Supervisor, Innovator, Leader, Mentor, Friend, and Brother all come to mind. Mark originally came to work at Mason Construction as a surveyor in order to perfect his craft and help our family-owned business grow during a time when we were really starting to come into our own in the industrial civil construction market of Southeast Texas. His two brothers, Eric and Keith Hudnall also worked for Mason as surveyors, and later all three took on advanced leadership roles within the company. Over the years, the three Hudnall brothers have certainly made their mark on Mason Construction, and we have been blessed to see the evidence of their influence through the hundreds of people that they have helped mentor over the years.

Mark is a born leader and innovator. When tools or techniques do not exist for certain aspects of the job, he has always had the vision and forethought to see what others may have overlooked, think outside the box, and develop his own tools for success. Through this survey and drafting background, hundreds of conceptual drawings have emerged that have given way to new shoring equipment, machine attachments, installation tools, engineering improvements, and new thought processes that leave people wondering why no one else has thought of this concept or piece of equipment sooner.

Mark’s presence on the jobsite can be felt by all around him; whether it be the members of his crew, our management team, or the client we are working for. There is a confidence that comes with knowing that he is at the helm, and that his team will be able to safely overcome whatever obstacle lies ahead, no matter the circumstance. Whether it be a tank terminal expansion, the construction of a new process unit, a design-on-the-fly hurricane flood protection system for an entire facility, or the renovation and flood-proofing of our own corporate office after being flooded a second time; Mark has the talent and confidence to take on each challenge and make it look effortless. Through his leadership, willingness to share his knowledge, and years of past project experience, he has allowed so many of us the opportunity to think deeper, work harder, and be the best versions of ourselves that we can be for the betterment of Mason Construction and our customers’ projects.

Thank you so much for your 30 years of dedication, Mark! We could not imagine doing what we do without you and are so grateful for all that you have done to teach and inspire us over the years. It is truly a blessing and an honor to serve alongside you and call you a friend and fellow Mason brother. May God bless you always.

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