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Mason Construction has earned an exceptional reputation as one of the premier site preparation contractors in Southeast Texas. Simply put, we have laid the groundwork for industry in this area since our founding in 1939.

From exploratory excavation and laydown yards on the largest refinery expansion project in the United States to installing underground drainage systems for a new amphitheater – Mason Construction has the proven capabilities to safely and efficiently perform virtually any site preparation project imaginable.

Areas of Expertise

  • Area Grading, Soil Stabilization and Drainage

  • Exploratory Excavation

  • Road Building

  • Dikes, Levees, Holding Ponds

  • Excavation and Backfill

  • Underground Drainage Systems


Over the years, concrete work has become the largest part of our construction business. In fact, each year Mason Construction pours nearly 40,000 cubic yards of concrete. We have a proven history of finding ways to safely complete any project – and that is why our customers repeatedly entrust us with their most difficult and schedule-intensive concrete projects. They know that we will get the job done on time, on budget and with maximum efficiency.




Some of our recent concrete jobs include tank foundations, pipe racks and sump pits for the largest refinery expansion in the United States – a 60-foot-tall elevated vessel foundation – and 10,000 feet of pipe rack. When it comes to concrete, Mason Construction has a foundation that is rock solid and built on integrity.

          Areas of Expertise

  • Massive Concrete Foundations

  • Structural Concrete

  •  Elevated Structures

  • Concrete and Asphalt Paving

  • Concrete Demolition

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