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9/1/2016 12:11:06 PM

"What We Do” continued – you know Mason Construction, Ltd. as a Heavy Industrial Construction Contractor and we are always expanding our expertise. In 2004, we expanded into piling construction and have been growing ever since. We always put safety as our first priority.

Piling Capabilities

Mason Construction, Ltd. got started in piling construction with a boiler foundation with just 10 piles. We more than doubled our piling capacity and have worked in a variety of jobs including 3000 piles for a refinery expansion as well as a 2600-foot sheet pile wall designed to protect a refinery from storm surge. With hundreds of piling projects completed, Mason Construction, Ltd. has proven our capabilities in handling any of your piling needs.

We can assist with many piling needs, including:

  • Auger Cast Piles
  • Driven Piles
  • Timber Pile
  • Precast/Pre-Stressed Concrete Pile
  • Pipe Pile
  • H-Pile
  • Caissons
  • Helical Piles
  • Foundation Piles
  • Tiebacks & Guys
  • Temporary Piles
  • Sheet Piles
  • Temporary Shoring & Shoring Design
  • Permanent Structures
  • Bulkheads & Coffer Dams
  • Retaining & Flood Protection Walls
  • Beam & Plate Temporary Shoring Systems
  • Low Headroom & Restricted Access Capabilities
  • Landlocked Marine Installation Capabilities From Sectional Barges
  • Marine Bulkhead & Dock Repairs
  • Consulting Services for Piling Design Alternatives
  • Pile Load Testing

You can see pictures of piling jobs on our website here.

Make it a safe day!

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