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7/8/2016 1:32:50 PM

Mason Construction, Ltd. is an Industrial Civil Construction Contractor that started business in Southeast Texas in 1939. We have grown over the years not only in the number of employees and jobs but also in areas of expertise. We remain a family owned business, operating with the highest level of integrity. Safety remains a key focus of our business as we are continually developing and empowering our employees with a proactive safety culture.

Mason Construction, Ltd. was originally founded as a dragline excavation contractor with the first job being with the Houston Ship Channel. Since then, our markets have grown outside of the Southeast Texas area and we now work across the state of Texas, and all across the Gulf Coast, with a newly opened office in Louisiana. Much of our work in Southeast Texas revolves around the oil and gas industry but name an industrial facility and we can probably serve you. A few the industrial sites we have worked with include chemical processing plants, industrial manufacturing and distributing, warehouse facilities, paper mills, rail terminals, and food and beverage processing facilities, to name a few.

Civil Capabilities

We have laid groundwork for industry in the Southeast Texas area since our founding in 1939. With over 75 years of experience, Mason Construction, Ltd. has built an exceptional reputation as one of the premier site preparation contractors, in the area. Concrete work has also become one of the largest parts of our business. Each year, Mason Construction, Ltd. pours almost 40,000 cubic yards of concrete! We work with our clients to get a job done on time, on budget, and with maximum efficiency.

Other civil capabilities are listed below:

Site Work:

Earthwork & Site Preparation

  • Site Clearing & Grubbing
  • General Site Grading & Balancing
  • Sub-grade & Sub-base Preparation
  • General Excavation & Backfill
  • Mass Excavation & Site Bathtubbing
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Dikes, Levees & Holding Ponds
  • Slope Protection & Erosion Control
  • Crane Pad & Drilling Rig Site Construction
  • Timber & Composite Mat Placement


  • Underground Piping & Drainage Systems
  • HDPE Firewater Systems
  • Piping & Utility Trenching

Road & Rail Bed Construction

  • Heavy Haul & Access Road Construction
  • Parking Lots & Laydown Yards
  • Driveways & Sidewalks
  • Railroad Bed Installation

Temporary Shoring


Drilled Piers

Pipe Rack Foundations

Miscellaneous Piping & Instrumentation Supports

Building Foundations & Slabs

  • Slabs on Grade
  • Elevated Roof Decks

Mass Structural Concrete Foundations

  • Equipment Foundations
  • Vessel Foundations
  • Elevated Structures
  • Tank Rings & Tank Foundations
  • Inland Marine Structures

Concrete Wall Systems

  • Containment Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Blast Walls
  • Flood Protection Walls
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Wall Panels

Containment Foundations

  • Sumps & Pits
  • Intake Structures
  • Manifolds Systems
  • Cooling Tower Basins
  • Catch Basins & Manholes
  • Trenches & Tunnels

Rail Supports & Portal Crane Foundations

Slope Protection & Concrete Lined Ditches

Electrical Duct Banks


Concrete Paving

Asphalt Paving

Aggregate Base Material Paving


Exploratory Excavation, Probing & Obstruction Location

Topographical Survey, Data Collection & Surface Modeling

GPS Machine Control Earthwork Capabilities

Concrete Demolition

Concrete Saw Cutting & Core Drilling

Concrete Repairs

Cementitious & Epoxy Grouting

Heat & Chemical Resistant Specialty Concrete Applications

Concrete Coatings

Liner System Installation

Paint and Thermoplastic Parking Lot & Roadway Striping

Guard Rail & Pipe Bollard Installation

Emergency & Disaster Response

Civil Construction Maintenance & Turnaround Services

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