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7/29/2016 3:23:50 PM

Mason Construction, Ltd. has built a reputation for concrete work in the area and that has become the largest part of our business. As with all of our work, we focus on safely completing concrete projects for our clients. Our team works hard to ensure projects are completed on time and have experience  working with a variety of concrete jobs.

Individuals working in the construction industry have to be aware of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) and working with concrete requires specific items. The following is a list of PPE’s according to the Tool Box Talks:

· Headgear - if there is a danger of falling objects, wear a hard hat. If working in cold weather, wear a hat to keep the body warm.

· Eye protection - wear safety glasses or goggles when pouring concrete. That way any splashing concrete stays out of your eyes.

· Gloves - it makes common sense to protect our hands as much as possible. Wearing gloves protects against scratches and cuts and possible infection because of the chemicals used in concrete.

· Long sleeve shirt/pants - this keeps concrete from splashing on your body. You can avoid burns that way.

· Kneepads - since concrete finishing often exposes knees to additional wear and tear, it makes sense to wear kneepads designed to take the stress rather than scraps of insulation held on by duct tape.

· Rubber boots - if wet concrete comes into contact with the skin for any lengthy period of time, we can get severe burns. Besides, it is easier to wash off rubber boots than to wash off and have wet feet with regular boots after pouring mud.

Even with the proper Person Protection Equipment, workers need to be aware of safety hazards around concrete jobs.

· When concrete chutes are raised or lowered at the rear of a concrete truck. Always keep your fingers out of pinch points. One slip can mean the loss of fingers or even a hand. The same thing applies any time an extra chute is added to the truck. Watch where you put your hands and get help to lift the add-on chute.

· Pinch points are all around concrete buckets. Never ride a bucket and make sure that no one is working under the load. If the crane or pump truck operator cannot see the pour be sure to use a qualified signal person. When placing concrete with a bucket, know the capacity of the crane, do not overload. A test lift is advisable. Avoid swinging the bucket near power lines. Contact with an energized power line can kill or injure.

· Also remember that wet concrete conducts electricity. All tools and cords must be grounded, and do not allow metal bull float handles to come in contact with electrical wiring or light bulbs.

Make it a safe day!


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