Safety & Health Week 2016
5/6/2016 3:07:37 PM

This week the National Safety Council celebrates North American Occupational Safety & Health Week. The mission of this week is to increase awareness of the importance of occupational safety and health to workers around the world. According to the American Society of Safety Engineers’ website, in 2014, 4,679 people lost their lives on-the-job. There are multiple organizations, around construction and safety industries, that work to reduce those numbers. At Mason Construction, Ltd. we prioritize safety so all of our employees can make it home safely.

Not all of our employees work on a construction site every day. With that in mind, let us look at two common office place concerns!

Repetitive Motion Problems

Repetitive motion and vision-related problems can be addressed through a variety of equipment and work process methods. If your jobs require repetitive motion, you can take some steps to minimize the risk to employees who do those jobs, including making sure that:

  • Work stations are ergonomically correct and have:
    • adjustable components
    • a foot rest 
    • a document holder
    • a wrist rest
  • Tools and work methods are designed properly.
  • Employees understand the risks of repetitive motion.
  • Productivity requirements are not resulting in inadequate rest breaks.

You can also consider rotating through different duties to make sure that you do not have to perform the same motions all day long.

Vision Problems

Employees who must stare at computer screens face special problems with their vision. Some ways to help minimize the risk of injury or illness include:

  • adjusting furniture and equipment, particularly at shared work stations
  • adjusting room lighting in the area and providing desk lamps for other work
  • have a thorough eye examination every year
  • allowing breaks or time for tasks that don't require close concentration
  • reducing glare on computer screens


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