Preparing for Storm Harvey
8/24/2017 10:52:02 AM

The Texas coast is preparing for the arrival of storm Harvey this weekend. While it has not reached hurricane strength at the time of posting this, it could do so by the time it makes landfall. The storm may weaken once it hits land but a major concern is how slowly it is moving. When a storm moves slowly with a lot of rain, it can cause major flooding. Monitor your local weather and government agencies for updates on what to expect.

The Texas Department of Transportation is continuing to update their Twitter and Facebook accounts with information, tips to be prepared, and road conditions. They also have information on their website for preparing for inclement weather. They recommend taking time to prepare and make evacuation plans, even if you never have to use your plan. They also list the following organizations and website for more information in preparing before as storm:

The Texas Department of Transportation also provides the following preparedness information:

  • Prepare a Survival Kit – If an evacuation order is not called or you believe you will not be leaving during a storm, have a survival kit prepared. Some reasons for not evacuating include:
    • A mandatory evacuation is not issued.
    • You are physically or financially unable to leave your home.
    • You live in an area that is not prone to flooding or storm surges.
  • Traffic Cameras – If you do decide to leave, you can check some highway cameras around major cities in Texas, including Houston. (
  • Weather Reports – During any weather emergency, tune in to local news and weather bulletins. Also, visit the National Weather Service for the most up to date weather information.

Above all, stay safe and use caution. If you are driving and water begins to rise always "turn around, don’t drown.”

One Team. One Vision. One Goal. – Everyone Goes Home Safe!


(Picture from Texas Department of Transportation)

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