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5/19/2016 3:57:22 PM

Mason Construction, Ltd. supports many organizations both locally and nationally. OATH, Inc. is one of those special organizations that we truly connect with. On May 29, 2016, OATH, Inc. will be hosting their Inaugural Memorial Day Bash. We are proud to sponsor this event and plan to continue to support this great organization.

Outdoor Association for Texas Heroes, Incorporated, or OATH, Inc., is a faith based Nonprofit Organization that utilizes various outdoors activities centered around faith, family, and community to improve the quality of life of not only eligible Texas veterans, but also those eligible veterans from the various OATH state chapters.

OATH, Inc.was established to serve two purposes:

  1. Give eligible veterans an outlet to just sit…and relax…and heal. These heroes deserve the very best we have to offer in terms of admiration and appreciation.
  2. They also serve as an outlet those that have been searching for ways to give back and support veterans. Driven by an all-volunteer force, OATH can provide you with several different outlets by which you can support veterans. Whether you are a ranch owner, outfitter, private landowner, lease manager, business owner or just a regular member of society that is looking to support in a direct and impactful manner, they can help you satisfy your desire to give back to veterans. There are numerous different ways to give back: you can help host an event, you can donate directly to a specific event, you can set up monthly donations, you can donate equipment, gear or services, you can stay involved through various event attendance.

Mason Construction, Ltd. has been supporting OATH, Inc. since its inception. We had the great opportunity to take several groups of veterans on whitetail, exotic, and turkey hunts; and we have scheduled an upcoming fishing trip for 2016. What started out as an opportunity to connect with old friends and help serve others has turned a very humbling and inspiring experience for our employees and our company. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with OATH, Inc. and its members as well as serve those veterans who have given their all to serve this great nation.

The Inaugural OATH Memorial Day Bash is an event to raise awareness for the 602 Texas Heroes who have given their lives in defense of our nation during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. During the Bash, OATH Founder & Executive Director, Gary Bartels, will walk the distance of one standard track lap (400 meters) for every Hero from the state of Texas that has made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gary will be knocking out 150.5 miles over the course of five days. Gary will start walking from a point near Houston, Texas on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 and will aim to finish on Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 12:00 p.m., at the Kountze High School. While raising awareness for these 602 veterans, OATH, Inc. will also be collecting pledges in order to support an endeavor to honor those from Hardin County that gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you would like to walk with Gary at the Kountze High School or if you would like to donate to this event, you can do so here. For more information about the Inaugural OATH Memorial Day Bash, or if you want to come out and join the fun, go to to find all of the event details, or like OATH,Inc. on Facebook and find the event listing. Please join our efforts to raise awareness and support this wonderful organization.


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