National Protect Your Hearing Month
10/4/2019 4:59:20 PM

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month. 24% percent of American adults under the age of 70  have noise induced hearing loss in one or both ears. 

Protecting Your Hearing at Home

Lots of people enjoy listening to music, going to concerts, sporting events, or gun ranges. When listening to music or watching tv, lower the volume. Noises at 85 decibels or higher will damage your hearing. If you are a concert, or other loud event, don’t stand near the front, because distance can help reduce the noise and protect your ears. Make sure you have proper hearing protectors for different activities. When mowing the lawn or using power tools you will want to wear earplugs. For some activities, you may want to buy specific earmuffs online or from a sporting goods store.

Protecting Your Hearing at Work

The first step in protecting your hearing in the workplace is to evaluate the noise problem. If your hearing ringing in your ears or experience temporary hearing loss after leaving work, you may want to approach this problem with the proper people. Sometimes employees will discard their hearing protectors because they are seen as a nuisance. If you are given hearing protectors you should try to wear them, as a little inconvenience now is worth it for retaining your health years down the road 

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