Mason Construction, Ltd. Featured in Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate Magazine!
8/10/2015 10:59:01 AM
Our company is blessed to be featured in local and national magazine articles that show others the quality of our work and employees as well as the history of how it all began. A recent volume of Southeast Texas Commercial Real Estate Magazine highlights industrial construction with Mason Construction, Ltd. along with a short history of the company. Chuck Mason, President of Mason Construction, Ltd. was featured for his involvement with non-profit organizations in the community and around the world. Here is an excerpt from the article:

"Before 1939 my grandfather WK 'Buddy' Mason had been a bookkeeper for an East Texas contractor. That year he decided to make a major change and to see if he could transition into becoming a contractor himself.

There was plenty of work in Southeast Texas creating the drainage ditches that would transform the Golden Triangle from a swamp into an environment that could support oilfields and the communities that would follow, including growing the city of Beaumont.


For us a big role luck played was that the handful of plants we had strong relationships with always had work when times were tight. We kept our doors open - and we kept our family and employees working.

Today Mason Construction puts 300 full time employees to work year round with their concrete construction, piling division, steel erection, building roads and ditches, and other phases of industrial and commercial construction..."

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