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10/14/2016 5:57:18 PM
Mason Construction has been family owned and operated for four generations; proudly serving the industrial construction market of Southeast Texas & Southwest Louisiana with piling, civil, hydro-excavation and structural steel construction services for 75 years. We are currently seeking dependable, qualified craft workers, foremen and supervisors that would like to join our high performance team.

If you are interested in an exciting career in construction with long term employment potential, competitive pay, benefits, and a family atmosphere; immediate employment opportunities are available for carpenters, concrete finishers, heavy equipment operators, NCCO certified crane operators, hydro-excavation operators, and pile drivers.  Potential employees must have a valid driver's license, social security card and TWIC card and be able to pass a pre-employment physical and drug screen.

Please apply in person at 6285 Walden Road in Beaumont Texas between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5:00 PM or online at We regularly keep specific openings updated on Facebook, so be sure to like our page for the most up-to-date information.

October is proving to be a busy month and we are excited to be recruiting! Mason Construction, Ltd. often posts job openings online to stay up to date with potential employees and be able to spread the word of open positions quickly. While using our website and social media to communicate, we have learned some things along the way. People do not always think of their social networks as impacting their job application but it can.  Are you looking to get hired? Hopefully these tips can help.

Using Social Media

When you find out about a job through social media it is fairly accurate to assume the company, or at least the person in charge of hiring, is familiar with social media. So take a look at your own profile and how it conveys who you are. Consider publishing your work history online, especially the last five years. LinkedIn makes this easy as a tool for your online resume, but Facebook also allows for you previous work experience and not just your current position.  By being proactive, you are about to show your strength and skills that companies may be looking for.

Look for ways to be engaged with the industry you are in or want to get a job in. Follow companies you are interested in working for so you can stay up to date on new job opportunities. Even liking and commenting on posts can show knowledge and expertise in your field. Post and/or share relevant articles to share information. If you build an interesting profile with great content, people will look to you for more. 

Building Your Best Application

When you find a job to apply for out your best effort from the start. Be sure to fill out the application as completely as possible and have proof of licenses and credentials. If you are filling out a lot of online applications, consider building a folder on your computer with frequently used documents.

At Mason Construction, Ltd., we often ask applicants to apply in person for jobs so we can discuss questions immediately. If you are going to the business to apply or for information, consider that as part of the interview. Since we work in the field, we understand having work clothes that may not be polished, but still come dressed as well as you can. Appropriate clothes make the first impression more positive. 

When you are going through the application process, be courteous to whomever you are speaking with. Whether you are speaking over the phone or in person, being polite to everyone from the front desk receptionist to the CEO has an impact. We consider our colleagues as family and so we expect the people we hire to treat each other with respect, regardless of the position they are in.

Interviewing Etiquette

Once you have made it through the application and get the call for an interview, it is important to keep up your hard work. An interview can bring everything together, showing the company your strengths. Be sure to do your research before the interview, look at the company's website and social media feeds. Learn what their values are and interesting projects they have worked on so you can be ready to discuss. Think of some question you are genuinely curious about that shows interest in the business (not just when you can take vacation).

There are a lot of little steps that can show that you are a professional candidate:
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to the interview.  Give yourself time to relax before going into the interview so you do not feel rushed. 
  • Dress for the organization. You can usually gauge dress code based on a company‚Äôs website and social media pictures, but when in doubt, call and ask. For example, you hardly see a Mason Construction employee in a suit so there is no need to come in with a full suit and tie. But stay away from ragged jeans and t-shirts. Show the hiring manager that you are taking this seriously.
  • Practice effective communication. Even non-verbal communication is important in the interview. Eye contact, standing and sitting straight can show confidence. Listening carefully to understand shows interest. And use professional language.
  • Have a solid handshake. A firm, confident handshake is still one of the most important, unspoken first impressions you can make. 

There are many more tips for applying and interviewing for jobs that you can find. Just searching for online can pull up a great list of resources. These are just some of ours from experience. Best of luck and stay safe!

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