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9/8/2015 4:33:55 PM

Mason Construction, Ltd. focuses on safety as our number one priority. We are proud to report that we have just earned over one million man hours without a recordable or lost time injury. We are fortunate to be affiliated with other organizations that concentrate on safety for their businesses as well. Industrial Safety Training Council (ISTC) is one such organization we are proud to be associated with and work together to create a safe work environment.

Because working in an industrial setting poses various types of hazards, we want to ensure our employees have the most up to date safety training possible and ISTC does a wonderful job providing that training. They are also right in our back yard of Southeast Texas!

Here is a little information about ISTC:

ISTC has been in business for 24 years, serving the petrochemical, refining, offshore, marine, pipeline, and energy facilities in not only Southeast Texas, but nationally as well, providing excellence in training and other services in order to promote a safe and secure work environment and community. It is not only our mission, it is our passion. As an association, ISTC has grown over the last 24 years, accepted new roles and responsibilities, expanded services, benefits and locations for our client facilities and contract companies in order to meet the growing safety, health, environmental, and security needs of the community, state, and nation as a whole.
Our genuine approach to all of our customers and clients is what has made us successful today. We believe our long-standing, admirable reputation in the industry we serve, and in our surrounding communities, has also greatly contributed in our overall success.

Mission Statement:

The International Safety Training Council is an organization dedicated to providing the highest quality services for our customers in the most cost-effective manner.

Serve our customers and our communities by providing excellence in training and other services in order to promote a safe and secure work environment.

During one of our company safety training meetings.

Make it a safe day!


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