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9/8/2016 4:40:07 PM

As you can see from our past blog posts and on our website, Mason Construction, Ltd. works with a variety of industrial affiliates to stay current in both industry and safety information. DISA Global Solutions is an organization we have been a part of for many years and we continue to work with. They focus on safety and provide many services to their clients.

DISA Global Solutions offers workplace safety, testing, and compliance services for businesses around the world. They focus on developing and promoting workplace health and safety for their clients. DISA also works with a variety of screenings for employees along with company trainings.

According to their mission:

DISA will provide our clients with a single source business process outsourcing solution, providing compliant, work-ready employees through secure employee data storage, processing, and retrieval.

In accomplishing our mission, DISA’s professional and dedicated team members will increase shareholder value through our commitment of loyalty and integrity to our internal and external customers and suppliers, while continually "Performing as Sold”, and actively supporting community and industrial organizations.

DISA focuses on six core values on which many organizations can agree. As we strive for excellence in our industry, it is worth keeping them in mind. DISA’s core values include:

  • Find Balance – DISA values a balance with work and home life. They also look for a balance with the needs of the customer and company.
  • Be a Team – having a team that can be clear with each other and work together is an asset to any company. Create a supportive team so you can rely on each other.
  • Raise the Bar – DISA says to challenge "yourself and those around you to do better.” We are always striving to push the boundaries and set a higher standard of work.
  • Do the Right Thing – integrity is important to a business and its employees.
  • Work Smart – in today’s world, efficiency is critical to success. Employees can think outside of the box to be more productive and be willing to share their knowledge with others.
  • Value Your Customer – DISA sees their employees as internal customers and clients as external customers. They work with them both to provide an exceptional customer experience.

A quote from DISA’s website sums up their core values:

"BE EXCELLENT: Strive to be the absolute best. Average is not an option. Excellence in all you do and say and believe. DISA will only be as excellent as its employees.”

(Pictured above: Representation of DISA’s core values from their website.)

Make it a safe day!


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