Immunization Awareness Month
8/23/2019 4:49:59 PM

Vaccines have revolutionized the medical field. Vaccines not only protect the person being vaccinated, but all the people that person interacts with. Every age of life requires different vaccines. Immunization Awareness month is a good time to learn a little bit about what vaccines are out there and when you should get them.

When germs enter your body, your immune system makes antibodies to destroy them. If the same type of germ enters your body again, those antibodies will remember the germs and can fight them off before you experience any symptoms. Vaccines help your body to make antibodies to fight off germs without you ever having to be infected in the first place. They are made out of the same germs that cause disease. For example, the chicken pox vaccine contains a weakened version of the virus that causes chicken pox. This lets your body learn how to make antibodies to fight that disease without having to actually be infected by the regular virus.

Usually, when we think of vaccines, we tend to think of them in the context of babies and young children. But there are vaccines for adults as well. It’s important to stay aware of what vaccines you need and when you should get them. Here is a timeline of adult vaccinations provided by the Center for Disease Control.


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