Heart Health
2/15/2018 6:56:09 PM

February is the month of love, care and the Heart Health Month. According to the Heart Foundation, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. Many factors affect heart health including weight, high cholesterol, smoking, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Stress can also play a negative roll in heart health. Moreover, preventative tips for heart health are good tips for lowing stress levels. A healthy diet and regular exercise are common things we hear related to overall health and wellness.

In addition to diet and exercise, there are other ways to relieve stress in your life. Stress can lead to heart issues both on and off the job and assess how your body is handing stress can be vital to your wellbeing. Learn some techniques for relieving stress and relaxing. A few ideas to try:

  • Have fun in your off-hours – work life balance is a real necessity nowadays as communication tools allow us to stay "plugged in” almost 24/7. Find some activities that you enjoy when you are not at work and get involved. Look for something you are passionate about that will take your mind off work.
  • Relax – in addition to fun, find other ways to relax outside of work. This could include sports, hobbies, or quiet time to meditate and pray.
  • Get moving – If you have a desk job, be sure to get up and step away from your desk at least once an hour to stretch. Find ways to incorporate exercise into your workday and get more steps in your regular activity.
  • Connect with others – connections and positive relationships are vital to a fulfilling and happy life. We can often withdraw during stressful periods of our life and avoid social situations. Do not isolate yourself! Reach out to friends and family during difficult times and communicate challenges you are facing.

Finding ways to relieve stress and relax is often like other parts of our life, it takes practice. Jobs are necessary for earning an income and providing for yourself and your family. However, we perform more effectively when we are less stressed and able to manage tasks thrown our way. Practice ways to relieve stress and in turn, you could be helping your heart and preventing stress on the heart.

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