Halloween Safety
10/27/2017 3:53:20 PM

Halloween is coming up Tuesday! Are you getting ready to trick-or-treat with family? According to CNN, there were 41.2 million potential trick-or-treaters between the ages of 5-14 in 2015. That is a lot of children and families enjoying the holiday. That is also a lot of children and families walking in neighborhoods and crossing streets. If you are going trick-or-treating be sure to practice safety and remind your children to be safe. Halloween can even be a learning opportunity for children to practice safety when crossing the street, walking through their neighborhood, and receiving treats.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers these tips for staying safe during the Halloween festivities:

  • If costumes include swords, knives, and other costume accessories, keep them short, soft and flexible. Even if they are fake, be careful as some plastic can be very rigid.
  • Trick-or-treat with a group. Do not go out alone and walk together "or with a trusted adult.” Some communities have wonderful trick-or-treating options at a designation location. That can be a great way to avoid traffic.
  • If you are walking through neighborhoods, consider putting reflective tape on bags and costumes so drivers can see you. And carry a flashlight to be seen easier and help you to see others.
  • Be careful of choking hazards and allergies with treats. Also, examine treats for evidence of tampering before eating. If your treats are sugary, limit the amount you eat.
  • Always look both ways before crossing the street and use crosswalks whenever possible.
  • Hopefully the area you are in has sidewalks for pedestrians, if not stay on the far edge of the road facing traffic to stay safe. That way you can see oncoming vehicles as they approach.
  • If you costume has masks and special shoes, make sure they are well-fitted. Avoid blocked vision, trips, and falls that could be caused by costume and accessories.
  • Be careful around strangers. "Never accept rides from strangers” and avoid any treats that are not factory-wrapped.

Check out more tips at Hopefully you have more treats than tricks this year and enjoy the holiday with friends and family. If you are going to be out and about remember these tips for a fun and safe evening.

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