Global Employee Health and Fitness Month
5/31/2019 5:14:15 PM

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month (GEHFM)! How timely as everyone is ready for summer activities. The purpose of this month is to "is to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to employers and their employees through work-site health promotion activities and environments,” according to the website.

A healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on one’s overall work, social, and general livelihood. It is possible to practice a healthy, healthy lifestyle at work. And it does not require a qym or special equipment.

The Muse offers these tips for staying healthy at the office:

1. Keep Healthy Snacks Nearby

It is hard to resist unhealthy options that coworkers or clients may bring into the office, so keep your own snacks near your workspace. That way you can reach for those healthier options when tempted to snack.

2. Bring Your Own Lunch

When you make your own meals, you are controlling what foods you are putting into your body. Restaurant meals often come with additives and additional sugar that you can cut out if you are making your own.

3. Hang Out With the "Health Nuts”

It is easy to be influences by those you are around, therefore, surround yourself with health conscious people. Having other friends who are turning down the Friday donuts can help you stick to your goals.

4. Stand Up and Stretch Often

Standing desks are becoming more popular in offices around the country. Even if you do not have a standing desk, you can still find ways to get up and move around. Take thirty minutes to stand and organize your paperwork or complete a project. Physically standing up and stretching is important to keep you energized and your muscles healthier.

5. Practice Smart Computer Habits

By now, you have probably heard that staring at a computer screen for extended periods of time can be "hard on the eyes, neck, back, and head.” Take breaks to get off the computer or turn down the brightness on your computer. Using eye drops may be beneficial as well.

6. Schedule Walking Meetings

Have you ever considered having a walking meeting with a colleague? If you have something to discuss, consider taking a walk outside. This can do double duty by helping you stretch and even increase creativity!

7. Take the Stairs

You can get a free workout if you work on a higher floor! Take the stares to get some cardio into your workday. If you work on a high floor, consider just going halfway up by taking the stares and then catch the elevator.

8. Work Out in the Middle of the Day

Do you get a full hour for lunch? If possible, taking time in the middle of the day to workout can help keep your energy up throughout the day and it could event increase productivity.

9. Try a Quick Nap

This may not be an option for every day, but taking a nap if you need some extra shut-eye can help get you through the day. (Side note: you may want to give coworkers a bit of warning so they are not concerned.) Sleep has been a popular topics in relation to health and many of us are regularly sleep deprived.

10. Work Outside

Do you have a laptop? Or do you have some work that requires a simple pen and paper? Consider changing your work scene and going outside. Being outside helps relieve stress and can provide some vitamin D (which a lot of people are deficient in).

11. Carve Out Personal Time

We all need a break at some point. Everyone seems to be running full-steam ahead, one hundred percent of the time. This can ultimately lead to ‘burnout’ and exhaustion.

12. Drink Lots of Water

Hydration is vital for health. Make sure you are getting enough water each day.

Check out for more ideas to stay healthy at work. Help motivate others in your office to make healthy choices and support one another. Stay safe.

One Team. One Vision. One Goal. – Everyone Goes Home Safe!


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