Fall Season Safety
10/6/2017 4:31:03 PM

If you are a fan of the fall season, you may have already put out your Halloween and fall decorations, seasoned with Pumpkin Spice, and preparing for cool weather. In Southeast Texas the temperatures do not always drop quickly but it is good to keep some safety items in mind, regardless of the weather. Fall is a good time to take some precautions so you and your family can enjoy the season.

  • Service your furnace – before cold weather really sets in, take the time to have your heating and cooling company check out your furnace. An annual inspection can confirm everything is working properly and may alert you to a problem before it is a major issue.
  • Properly dispose of leaves – if you live outside of the city limits, leaf burning may seem like an easy way to dispose of fallen leaves. But burning leaves can be dangerous as some reports suggest burning releases cancer causing chemicals. If you do burn leaves, do so away from a house or other structures and wear a mask. Also, be aware of laws and fire hazards in your area.
  • Be careful with candles – candles can give a room a warm glow and add a beautiful scent for the season but they are also a fire hazard. According to the National Candle Association, almost 10,000 house fires start from improper use of candles. Keep candles in a safe location that will not get bumped or knocked down. Make sure they are out of reach of children and pets too.
  • Change smoke alarm batteries – keeping batteries in your spoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors will help keep you and your home safe. Change them on an annual basis and make sure the alarms are working when the new batteries are installed. Also considering keeping a home fire extinguisher in an easy to reach location.
Small steps on a regular basis can keep your home and family safe. It is much easier to take the time to maintain safety features, such as spoke alarms, than to try to recover from a tragedy. Stay safe and enjoy the fall season!

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