Continually Improving
10/2/2015 3:06:40 PM

As an industrial company, we know that the only way to improve is to work at doing so. Mason Construction, Ltd. is fortunate to be in a position to offer quality trainings to our employees, not only helping our business but also helping to personally develop those we work with.

Just recently, we had the C.J. Baxter Group in house to work with our Mason Rangers. Team building is continuing process that helps employees work together as a group. By taking time to develop skills and share experience, we are able to build trust and support within our company.

C. J. Baxter Group is a development firm that specializes in leadership, communication, team building, customer service and more. Kent Hutchinson came out to Mason Construction to facilitate our trainings this month and worked with employees on team building and leadership skills. It is great to work with a company that can develop training for our specific group.

Employee training offers our company the ability to cater training opportunities specific to the industrial construction industry. It also allows employees the opportunity to focus on skill development outside of the hustle and bustle of a usual work day. And they can ask questions during trainings that can be helpful in implementing those skills on the job site!

Photos from our training in September 2015.

Make it a safe day!


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